Riesenbeck International

Today we visited the CAI3* at Riesenbeck International, included the German Championship four-in-hand. Images can be found at Facebook and in the webshop.

Images DVI Valkenswaard 2017

Images of the CAI3 DVI Driving Valkenswaard International 2017 are now available in the webshop. Click on the links below for a direct entry into the albums. Dressage: http://www.oypo.nl/02B65169E8EE9412 Obstacles: http://www.oypo.nl/9C18BE09E8EF7802 Cones & Award Ceremony: http://www.oypo.nl/D8E8F3B9E8E1536E 

First day DVI Valkenswaard

Today we had our first day at DVI Driving Valkenswaard International at Exell Equestrian center. Photography for Hippoevent.at went very well. All images are available on Facebook (Facebook.com/Hippoevent.at). As of monday available in the webshop, without watermarks and in large format.

Fun shoot of Epke & Lucky

Yesterday June 4, we had a small shoot of the Fjord horse Epke and the 30 years old Lucky, both owned by Arron Geurink. It was fun to do, all tough Epke had some issues with listening …

Avondvierdaagse Winterswijk

Afgelopen vrijdag was de intocht van de avondvierdaagse Winterswijk. Enkele foto’s hiervan zijn in de webshop en op facebook te bekijken.